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(Voltron) Collision Course [Podfic]

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Rating: General Audiences
Fandom: Voltron
Characters: Keith, Keith’s Father, Kolivan, Ulaz, Thace, Antok, Shiro, Lance
Additional Tags: Dads of Marmora AU, slight Ulaz/Thace but so little you would have to squint with a telescope or something, smoll Keith

Keith gets adopted by the Galra empire rebellion, basically.

(Voltron) bench press me [Podfic]

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Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Relationship: Keith/Lance
Characters: Keith, Lance
Additional Tags: Fluff and Humor

“The hell are you doing?” Keith grumbles out, body mid-push up. There’s a snicker behind him, too close to his ears, though Keith can’t really understand what would be so amusing about this. Then again, he’s not really sure why Lance is lying on him while he’s doing push ups either. Other than to be, of course, annoying.

“Nothing.” Lance finally says. Keith hears the grin in his voice, which only proves to irritate him a little more. ‘Nothing’ his ass. “Continue with what you’re doing, Mr. ‘I’m-Too-Good-For-Socialization’.”

(Lance, as always, tries to annoy Keith by making his exercise harder. It doesn’t work. At all.)