(Batman) Star Baker

"Alfred, tell us about your bake."

(Homestuck) Four Times You Made Kanaya Maryam Laugh In Bed

GA: Rose What Happened To The Bed TT: Do you like it? GA: I Dont Know What It Is Exactly That Im Looking At Here --- Kanaya doubts Rose is taking this "bed" thing very seriously.

(DCU) Teach Me How To Breathe Again

But that grin. It was all he’d needed to see to know it was Conner. Maybe not his Conner, but no less real for it. “Who are you?” he’d snapped. “Kon-El,” came the easy introduction and Kon had looked every bit like he was perfectly comfortable with being pinned to the ground. “Illegal abomination of the House of El and current representative of the Kryptonian military. They call themselves a guild, don’t ask me why."

(One Piece) Yasopp Go Home!

Ace, Sabo, and Luffy find out Yasopp left a kid back home and hasn’t been to visit in years. That is not allowed in their eyes. Worse, it brings Ace’s personal issues to the fore, and Shanks realizes they need to talk.

(Naruto) Theory and Practice

Ino and Sakura have a sleep over in the aftermath of the disastrous chuunin exams. Even when it’s always about Sasuke, it’s not, necessarily, about Sasuke.