(DCU) Teach Me How To Breathe Again [Podfic]

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This Podfic was made as part of the 2018 Fandom Trumps Hate Charity Auction.

Rating: Mature
Fandom: DCU
Relationship: Tim Drake/Kon-El
Characters: Tim Drake, Kon-El, Clark Kent
Additional Tags: Alternate Reality, Krypton, Krypton Survives, Dimension Travel

But that grin.

It was all he’d needed to see to know it was Conner. Maybe not his Conner, but no less real for it.

“Who are you?” he’d snapped.

“Kon-El,” came the easy introduction and Kon had looked every bit like he was perfectly comfortable with being pinned to the ground. “Illegal abomination of the House of El and current representative of the Kryptonian military. They call themselves a guild, don’t ask me why.”

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